From Drawing and Oil Painting to Digital Illustration and Printmaking, my art continues to evolve through new mediums. My art reaches out to the changes in realist art influenced by my graphic design, traditional animation, and commercial art roots. I still find a simplicity and pure nature of a clean vector logo design. Proper design can completely change the way someone sees their world.


My first love in the arts was in its commercial use. I still find a simplicity to a clean vector logo design. Proper design can completely change the way someone sees their world. I carry that interest in minimalistic design to my many clients. I have worked with a range of clients from the NCAEA to a professional comic book artist, while always achieving a tight deadline and honest price point.


I teach with a HIGH emphasis on self-driven constructive critiques that place the student in the position of control over their own education. I embrace the cross-curricular classroom with online (flipped) demonstrations. No one is ostracized, ridiculed, or encouraged to limit their own potential. Each student is an individual and can succeed by their own personal merits.

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Christopher Kozak - MFA Art Educator

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I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and attended Edinboro University of Pennsylvania to earn my BFA in Applied Media Arts / Animation degree. I am also proud to have received my NC and VA Secondary Educators License from East Carolina University, as well as my MFA From Norfolk State University in Visual Studies.

I teach painting, Animation, Game Design, and graphic design at Hampton University. I constantly encourage my students to explore a community outreach and business-minded center to their artistic creations. Professionally, I paint large scale murals, such as the Naval Station Norfolk 100th Anniversary Installation in downtown Norfolk, VA. I have also exhibited my artwork in multiple states and famous museums such as the MOCA, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art and the Chrysler Fine Art Museum. I am an over energetic, gregarious educator, with a passion for fine arts as well as the commercial arts. I strive to achieve the best for my students, to ensure that they leave my classroom with a heightened level of appreciation of the arts through hard work and rigorously enjoyable projects.


Our legends and myths stem from our accomplishments and failures. Through news stories of adversity in real life mirroring Joseph Campbell's Heroes Journey; my work positions the viewers lens at the metamorphosis from the casual everyday life to beyond the threshold of the heroic deed.
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"A great teacher is someone who can say the same thing 1,000 different ways." To me, this says it all. We all learn differently, but a true educator can reach every single child, by differentiating and individualizing their instruction to meet the needs of the 21st century classroom.
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Within my classroom, I bring contemporary job skills to the forefront of my students education. One of those skill sets is the use of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). My students work in teams to design, code, develop, and play test their own video games.
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